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Emanuel and Tziyona Arkoulis

Emanuel and Tziyona Arkoulis

Emanuel and Tziyona Arkoulis are the founders of Freedom for Life Ministries Australia Inc. They both carry an Apostolic Mantle and have a passion to share the gospel and extend the love of Yeshua/Jesus to all people. They both love to share about their journey from bondage in this world to freedom in Christ.

Emanuel carries an Evangelical/word of knowledge ministry. He is very passionate about walking in the truth of Christ. He has a passion for men’s ministry, with the goal of teaching men to rise up in their calling and gifting’s, while also encouraging men to live holy and righteous lives through Christ Jesus. Emanuel has a radical story of salvation from atheist to freedom in Christ after God miraculously healed Tziyona from being paralysed from the waist down, and a life bound in a wheelchair. Emanuel’s personal journey and testimony is a truly radical and inspiring story of God’s power and wonderful, amazing grace.

Tziyona is known for having an Deborah/Esther type anointing with prophetic insight. She is an author and travelling Minister within Australia and overseas. Since finding out about her Jewish heritage, Tziyona has a heart to connect to the Biblical Land of Israel and learn all she can from the Jewish people. She loves to encourage people into living a life of humility with the importance of keeping a teachable spirit. She is a passionate teacher of the word of God with the goal of leading people into all truth and freedom in Yeshua/Jesus. Tziyona has a passion to see people set free and has led many into the freedom of Christ through counselling/prophetic insight and pastoral care. She loves to inspire all to step out in faith, while also encouraging God’s people to embrace their God ordained gifting’s and callings. Tziyona has an extraordinary story of survival from a life of physical, sexual, and mental abuse, from drug and alcohol addiction, from death and hell, from satanic bondage, and from a life in a wheelchair. Tziyona’s story of how God preserved her life for the Kingdom is an inspiration to all.

Tziyona is the author of, ‘PRESERVED for such a time as this’, which is a true account of her life. In her second book, ‘Bring my Soul out of PRISON’, Tziyona writes about her story of redemption. You can purchase Tziyona’s inspiring books through the resources page.

(Note: At the time of publishing the books, Tziyona was known as, Fiona Anne Beazley) 

Both Emanuel and Tziyona have a passion to share the love of God and freedom in Yeshua/Jesus to all who will listen. They are both passionate in discipling people to follow Jesus and encouraging them to walk out the plan and purpose God has ordained for their lives.