On the 1st of July, God gave me a warning dream. I knew this dream was for the body of Messiah.
In the dream, I was going to get takeaway food. The kitchen in the restaurant I was ordering from was in the middle of the restaurant, everyone could see the food being prepared. I was standing nearby watching the cook prepare the food. It looked and smelt so good, the aroma from the food filled the whole restaurant.
When the cook finished preparing the food, a young girl walked over and started to pack the food in containers. I remained standing there watching her and waiting for her to hand it to me. When she finished, she walked off with the food into a back room of the restaurant. I was left standing there confused as to why she didn’t give me the food. Within minutes, the young girl appeared again from the back room. She saw me and said, “Oh”, then headed for the back room and returned with the food. As she was about to hand the food to me, another lady ran out from a side room, took the bag of food from her, and yelled, “NO! You can’t give it to her, I NEED TO EXAMINE THE FOOD. Something is wrong, and we need to examine it!”
I instantly woke up hearing Holy Spirit say, “EXAMINE THE FOOD YOU ARE BEING FED!”
I knew straight away the Lord was speaking about Spiritual food and to be aware of false teachings.
Let me break the dream down.
1) In the dream, I was going to get takeaway food. This represented teachings from other people. I wasn’t at home preparing my own meal – feeding myself with Gods word.
It’s great to listen to other teachers, but we need to study Gods word for ourselves to be able to recognise if there is something wrong with the (spiritual) food we are being fed. You can’t recognise the false if you don’t know the truth! 1 John 4:1, Dear friends, don’t trust every spirit. On the contrary, test the spirits to see whether they are from God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world. CJB
2) The kitchen was in the middle of the restaurant for all to see the food being prepared. It looked and smelt so good.
This represents a church setting. The Chef – Teacher was preparing to deliver the food – the word of God, and it looked and smelt so good. The main focus was on how good it looked and smelt because that’s what the flesh was desiring, food that looked and smelt good. 2 Timothy 4:3, For the time is coming when people will not have patience for sound teaching but will cater to their passions and gather around themselves teachers who say whatever their ears itch to hear. CJB
These people only want what looks and smells good to fulfil their flesh. Do you have itchy ears, or do you want truth?
3) The young girl took the food into the back room. The back room represents what is unseen, this I believe represents, ‘the motives of the heart’. Our own hearts can deceive us through our own emotions, or we can be deceived through the wrong motives in the hearts of others. We can’t see what is in the heart of people because its hidden (in the back room), this part of the dream represented the hidden things in the heart. This calls for checking our own hearts but also discerning the motive in the hearts of others. I wonder how many people actually examine their own hearts! 2 Corinthians 13:5-7, Test yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith. Examine yourselves! Or don’t you know yourselves—that Messiah Yeshua is in you? Unless of course you failed the test. 6 But I hope that you will realize that we haven’t failed the test. 7 Now we pray to God that you do no wrong—not so that we may appear to have passed the test, but in order that you may do what is right even if we may seem to have failed. TLV
Sadly, the body of Messiah is lacking discernment, knowledge, and wisdom in a time we need it more than ever. Jeremiah 17:9-10, “The heart is more deceitful than anything else and mortally sick. Who can fathom it? I, Adonai, search the heart; I test inner motivations; in order to give to everyone what his actions and conduct deserve.” CJB
4) The lady who ran to grab the bag of food and who said, “NO!” I need to examine the food, something is wrong. I believe this woman represented ‘WISDOM’. Proverbs 1:20-33, Wisdom Calls, But Who Listens? Wisdom calls aloud in the streets, she raises her voice in public squares. She cries out above the commotion. At the entrances of the city gates, she utters her speech: “How long will you naïve ones love simplicity, you scoffers delight in scoffing, and you fools hate knowledge? You are repulsed at my rebuke. Behold, I pour out my heart to you. I will make my words known to you.
Proverbs 4:5-9 Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth. Do not forsake her, and she will guard you. Love her, and she will watch over you. Wisdom is supreme—acquire wisdom! With all your acquisitions, get understanding. Prize her, and she will exalt you. She will honor you when you embrace her. She will set a garland of grace on your head. She will give you a crown of glory.” TLV
Oh, how beautiful is wisdom. 💜 Lord, please give me more! Discernment, knowledge, and wisdom are a 3fold cord that cannot be broken. We need them all, you can’t have one without the other. If you have a check in your spirit no matter how small, don’t eat the food just because it looks and smells good. The Holy Spirit is nudging you from the inside because something is not right (The nudge is discernment). Don’t try to work out what it is or push it aside. If He is nudging you, then He will tell you the problem. Ask Him what the check in your spirit is? Once He tells you that means you now have knowledge! Then once you have the knowledge, ask Him what He wants you to do with this knowledge, this is called Wisdom.
In the last 6 months the Lord has been speaking to me about and highlighting ‘COUNTERFIET SPIRITS’ which I will expand on more at another time.
The devil tries to counterfeit everything of God. His purpose is to make things look and sound like God. That is why he is known as an ‘angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:13-15) who sends his workers (demons) into churches dressed as ministers’ of righteousness to deceive and heap up followers for themselves. Sadly, this is because testing of the spirits and examining the heart is greatly lacking in the body of Messiah. The body of Messiah is full of witchcraft and new age practices, and many are blind to this because self-examination of the heart and testing of spirits is not happening.
Acts 20:28-30, “Take care of yourselves and all the flock of which the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has made you overseers, to shepherd the community of God—which He obtained with the blood of His own. I know that after my departure, savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock. Even from among yourselves will arise men speaking perversions, to draw the disciples away after themselves. TLV. Matthew 7:15-20- Examine the fruit.
I would like to end with this warning also. Don’t just let anyone lay hands on you. Demons can impart things too, seek wisdom.
Oh, Heavenly Father, may we not be deceived in these times. I pray we cry out, “Search me Oh God and show me Oh God if there is any wrong motive within me?” I pray we all seek to grow in discernment, knowledge, and wisdom. May your precious Holy Spirit guide and direct our decisions and our actions. Father, strengthen us, move through us and may YOUR NAME be GLORIFIED now and forever more, in the name of Yeshua your precious son. Amen!
Blessings, Tziyona Arkoulis 🕊
Freedom for Life Ministries Australia Inc.